Chief Hoskin Issues Statement After the U.S. Senate Confirms Former AG Sara Hill as the First Female Native American Federal District Judge in Oklahoma

Dec 19, 2023

“Today, on a bipartisan basis, the United States Senate made history, confirming former Cherokee Nation Attorney General Sara Hill as the first female Native American Oklahoma federal district judge. Sara Hill earned bipartisan support, and support from an array of thoughtful individuals and organizations across the country, for the same reason Cherokee leaders placed so much confidence in her: She is a brilliant attorney with a commitment to public service, fairness, justice and the rule of law.

I am especially appreciative of the support offered by Oklahoma Senators James Lankford and Markwayne Mullin, who worked with the Biden administration to confirm Sara Hill. Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond’s support was also so impactful and appreciated. In supporting Sara Hill, as well as fellow pending nominee John Russell, Senators Lankford and Mullin placed our collective interest in improving access to justice in Oklahoma federal courts over genuine partisan divisions with the president on other matters. 

By the same token, President Biden deserves praise for his history-making nomination of Sara Hill. I am also gratified that the Senate was largely unmoved by the small collection of special interest opponents of Sara Hill’s nomination, inexplicably led by Governor Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma cockfighting industry.

Today is a great and historic day for the country for which we should all pause to celebrate.”